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Chapter 4

A massive gasp went around the room.

"Candice I want to know why u think this?" Amber said saddly!

"I know this because he let us in straight away and his smile said he is a trouble maker."                  "How could you say something so horrible about a man who wanted us to have a nice time?"

"Oh please Amber how could you stand up to him no one else was there and we were all in the arcade room. It was him and I was nearly killed because the ladder caught fire.

The nice man was the one who saved us all including you."Candice screached.

" Amber, Candice does have a point so many you should think about what she said"Harvey said.

Amber went of into her room.

Everyone else watched Minecraft on the laptop they had brought , everyone but Erin and Amber.


To Be Continued!!

Hope u like/liked chapter 4


     Candice bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee


Chapter 3

"run to wards the sea!"Yelled Betherny!

The fire got closer and closer ; they kept on running and running.

Suddenly out of thin air a helicopter appeared and the pilot threw down a ladder and then the children

climbed up! As Candice climbed, the ladder caught  fire.

Eagle class told her she could make it!

As she got closer to the top she was unsteady and started to wobble.

Nardia held out her hand and so Harvey did as well so they pulled her up.

When they got to the tent Candice had figered out why the arcade cought on fire.

" The arcade man set the arcade on fire to get us out"Candice cried.


To Be Continued

This chapter  is late today because I was busy and chapters will come out every day in the morning.

By Candice

I hope you like/liked chapter 3

chapter 2

As they arrived they saw that the arcade was closing that made them groan.

"great yey cant belive it we had a lovely time"Nardia perthetically said.

"well come in im sure we can let u all in for 10 minits or 20 minits"said the arcade owner.

"YEH YAY"chorsed the children.

what shall we do first they thought.

"Okay guys first one to win a prize 1.00 extra and every one else can keep playing.!"candice yelled above the noise.

"ive won a prize" Chloe yelled so she got an extra 1.00 and a sticker.

Then Harvey got a sticker and won a prize then Candice and Amber,Sam,Betheny,Alex,Mahamid, Marcia,Danial,Mace,Josh,Bobby and then every one else,

Suddenly the arcades fire alam went of.Eagle class got our really quickly.

What could of caused the fire they all thought.


To Be Continued

hope u liked the 2nd chapter of the story..yes

Candice Culver heartcheeky

Day 1

Hi guys i am gonna start doing a blog nearly every day this week to tell u what ive been upto!!!

So today i havent done much but i had a story up this is ma story!!!

"UUUUGGGHHH its raining again. :( How are we ment to have fun camping?" Alex angrly wisperd.

"We could go to town and explore." said Mahamid.

so they all got there coats on and left there tent."so what are we gonna do?" asked Mary.

"Well were here now so lets have a look what in the shops!" Harvey cheeraly said.

"Look over there theres a arcade" candice yelled.

to be contined

bye hoped you like the first part of the story



Hi Candice here!!!!


Guess what its half term nooo????????????????????????????????????????????????

So what are u all up to?????

The best bit about half term is sleep overs and swimming!!!

My two cousins are called Olivia and Leonie!!

Olivia is 10 at the moment and Leonie is 6 and is seven this year!!

I also have a friend called Holly and she also comes for sleep overs!!!!!!!

I also enjoy swimming!

Most Sundays I go down to the leisure centre in leatherhead and go on the inflatables!!!

So do have good half term!!!

I hope everyone is well over half term and has a brilliant week!!!


                             By CANDICE Culver

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