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Guys year 5 Went to Therfield We Leant Geography

We leart about Mountains,rivers and Places to go We also Learnt about

Madrid Austria and I think Botswana. people got prizes Billy,Candice, that,s all I know



A Ancrment

From now on My comment box Is my Chat box FEEL FREE TO CHAT????

My B,day

It Was My Birthday Yesterday this is What I Got A TV ???? a Aresnal Football ? 2 pairs of Footy Socks A Turtle beach XLA Gaming Microphone ???? (for pc and ???? Xbox360) Sadly no Video games :(


Hi Guys im Daniel i Like football i support ARESNAL i like Alexis Sanchez

Also Video Games like Minecraft fifa 15 And Skate 3 my best freind is Justinsmiley (your welcome justin)

World Book Week!

World Book Week

On Monday 2nd of March Breis came in and taught us how to rap it was great fun. And then the next day it was my birthday [josh] and also an illustrator came in  to see us it was also great fun.


on Wednesday we did goldilocks stories that were awesome from Monday to Friday today we dressed up as well most people dressed up as people from Traditional Stories. We have had tons of fun over the last week over the originals called EVERYDAY LESSONS!!!!! Signed ...........


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