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my hobby

Hi guys! its me jess here to tell you about my hobby: drawing animals from animal jam. So lately I have been addicted to drawing them and playing the game ( Animaljam.com I think).So I have been thinking, have any of you seen a fox called eternal frozenclaws with the username shadowtiger178?If you have and if you play the game then look for me at sarepia forest, im normally hanging out there (if you don't play animaljam then look it up and play! its free btw).So... sorry im getting off track, I was also wondering if anyone would like me to draw them as a AJ fox or arctic wolf. Anyway I've got to go so bye!!

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hi pplz! its me jess! sooo... you probably want to know a bit about me.I am a bit

tomboyish and I absolutely LOOOVE animals, my fave color is violet, I have two dogs,i love reading and I think everyone should be treated equally.My best friends ever are Bethany, Marcia, Nadia, Sam, mary and a lot others,but if I listed them all it would take all day! ;P so... that's a bit about me! So yea bye!

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