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This is the story of the three girls.


There was once three girls called Sophie, Laya and Mace one day they went to school I know it sounds really boring but they found something, I know your thinking what did they fined  well.


They found a swing hook on the class room door well what a surprise finding a hook on your class room door.


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Hook Court

Well in October last year Eagle and Osprey went to Hook court.

I shared a room with Laya, Mace ,Ella, Ashlea, Marcia, Jess and Nardia. 

It was so fun each day you would do diffrent activity. 

The reason you go to Hook Court is to study the Romans .

You also have to take a Roman outfit to dress up in one night (you have your own fashion show)

I was in the room oak also there is a side of room for boys and a side of rooms for the girls. 

There is 2 bathroom one for boys one for girls and in them there is 2 sinks 2 showers and one toilet. 


I really hope the next year 5 to go have a amazing time to 

from Sophie Chilton Eagle class yes


Hi everyone i really hope you enjoyed your Christmas here is a little story.


It was the night before Christmas and everyone was snug in there bed's apart from one person, Katie sudenly she heard a nosie. BANG what was that she said so she ran into the living room and it was santa. 


so i hope you enjoyed 



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Hi my name is Sophie and i am 9 years old. I am in year 5 at the moment, In 2  years i am going to be leaving so sad. My best friend is mace who also has a blog my fave hobby is shopping and football my fave lesson is literacy and science. I also have a cat called Betsy.


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