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Hi I can't believe that osprey class get Mrs ingle I wish  I could split the week in half and have half of it with Mrs ingles then the over half with miss Pearson :):):) 

Lily's birthday

its my little sister birthday today she loves her presents she got a play house tent thing and a little tablet for her 2nd birthday really.its good that she is't I'll this time because last time she was ill on her birthday.


Hi I am really happy because I've finally got my nun chucks.there blue because my favourite colour is blue and they've got gold bits on them .Awesome aren't they.But my mum doesn't like them she thinks there dangerous well there kind of are but I use them safely.I love using them their so cool.????????????



Hi I am really excited to go back to school and see my bffaeaeaeaeaf (amber) she is really cool plus she is an awesome friend. I also can't wait till tomorrow because I'm going to see my friend that I  

Have't seen for ages .

Therfield school

On Tuesday 10th of February the whole of year 5 went to Therfield school for a Europe work shop because we are learning about Europe.There were 4 tables one of the tables was about rivers in Europe Mountains ,some places that are good to go on holiday to and then a quiz on the last table but i did't get to do the quiz.At the end some people  from Therfield school had to pick some people that were really good and they got a bag but unfortunatley i did't get one.


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