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Book Week

Hello, This past week has been book week !!  We have had an exiting time , On Monday We had a rapper in called Breis He was really cool We did some songs like Think Big , London , and B to the R to the E to the I to the S  inna , that is the chorus , Then on Tuesday we had Miko and he was very good at drawing .. For us he drew a girl It was exiting



Hey Its so exiting !!! Im getting kittens !!

2 of them , brother and sister !!! Im getting a girl I really need

some names though ! I am getting  a black and white one and my sister

is getting a white and ginger my sister in law is getting a ginger and white (doesn't live with us ) and my auntie is getting tortouis shell last kitten is the ginger and white, Grampy and narna are getting that one !

Eagle Class

My birthday is in 205 days

Beths is in 211

 Comment your bday , I'll work it out


Hey , A few days ago we watched Eastender's First it said Jane Beale  killed Lucy ,But it was actually Bobby Beale , He hit her with the music box and he didn't seem to know she was dead , My sister was thinking it was maybe Denise , as she beat Lucy up :-0   




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