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thursday- book week

on Thursday we had to dress up as a character  from a traditional tale I dressed up as this

my fav game

book week - tuesday-wednesday

on Tuesday a illustrator came in and he told us how to draw good pictures we drawed some  pictures I drawed a dragon because I am in dragon house 



it was fun


on Wednesday nothing really happened




book week monday



this week is book week in  England 


on Monday we had a rap artist called Breis, he rapped  and sang some song's


on Tuesday 10th Febuary WE wen't to Therfield to learn about Europe.


it was great we got seperated into groupe's i was in group 4 with Callum, Candice ,Jesica Marcia erin.


WE had 2 year 9's and 2 6 former's. 6 former's: Julia  Sam . my favourite is Sam, 


we changed groupes every 15 minuates it went Warsaw London Madrid Rome 

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HOW`s it going  my hobby  is playing football  and I like all sports  im 9

I am  quite strong my favourite topic is maths I like polar bears  my friends are Cullum , William harry bobby toby Jordan Alex  and lodes more



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