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ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So in my recent post i started to talk about animal jam and i said i will make a post about it so i am.Animal jam is a game where u are a animal(duh) u have a town u have a snowy place a place where u count(i think) and loads of other places including a beach and u get ur own den u can be a underwater animal of a animal who doesnt go underwater(i forgot what they r called) and it is free to play type in www.animaljam.com. If u are a member u can get volcano dens ice dens princess castle dens u get 1 diamond a week i think its on a tuesday u can go to the diamond shop in the town and get animals its costs 10 diamonds u can get a lion a dolphin (i think ) u can get a eagle (bc eagles rocks) u can get a owl and loads more stuff i cant remeber so check it out and play the game the game rocks im going to go and play it right now....


me talking rubbish


hello pplz.I just want to say that it was so hot today i did NOT like it.Does anyone still go on here bc no one has replied on my last post.#sadtimes:(.I am a good drawer i really like it i am learning to do animal jam drawings at the moment i am doinga koala so if any of u play animal jam and wants a drawing of one of the animals just come to me and i will draw it and if u dont play animal jam then u should play it.It is www.animaljam.com it is free but i does cost to get a member ship i wil make another post about animal jam so i should do that before i forget it so....


my hobbies

hi guys i was wondering if any of u actually still go on here. Any way i am going to tell u me hobbies and yes i did just say me hobbies. I love drawing comment down below if u want me to draw any thing for u trust me i am quite a good drawer. I also loooooooove going shopping the longest post i have ever done r my shopping posts.  I love it when my nephew is round he make my house so fun and he always puts a smile on my face. i love hanging out with my friends (marcia , jess,grace and many more) 


i also forgot to say olleh so..............




yr 5 went to therfield for a work shop about geography.We left the playground at 12:55 and left at 1:00 and it was the 10th or Febuary.We walked there my partner was sophie.When we got there we were put in groups.First I was in warshall next we went to London then Madrid! We didn't get all the places done but the other one was rome.We went there because we were learning about geography and I learned a lot.I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too


fun/boring day

olleh eveyone 

so the title says fun/boring day and im going to tel you all aboout it.So it started with me and marcia face timing then my mum shouted time to go i didnt know where i was going but i realied IM GOING TO FORTY FOOT PARK so me my mum and my sister megan went there i had a little jog with my sister around the park and half way there she started going really fast and i tried ti catch up with her and i ended out breath (for a second there i nearly wrote bread WHAT) then i went on the swing AND MAN I WENT HIGH the i went on this thing migegy where you wobble and then another thingy migigy where you have like a thing round-a-baot(honestly i dont know how to spell that) then i thought i will go on the slide and when i got to the slide it was wet so i didnt want to go on it i started playing with the pips that makes sounds and then a beheaded thing i didnt get beheaded i felt so lucky then i went to the hospital nothing bad my sister had to have a check up and when i was on my way to the hospital i told marcia because we were texting that i was going to hospital she didnt know why and before i could explain she sent in caps WHYYYY then after that i went to lidl and that was all i did so i gtg 


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