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Sleepover Fun!!

Hi , This is Erin , Tonight I am sleeping round Ambers , We have done geek girl cartoons and have made really cool dens , We are sleeping in them !! :) We have watched Jessie , Frenimes and are now watching The Babysitters Club - I would really recommend them all we are watching Eastenders tonight ! Who Killed Lucy?? Check it out on BBC1 at 8:00PM - 9:00 PM

Also Amber has written a story on her blog it is so cool! as am in it we are BFFS #4Life

Bye for now, We will tell you more in the morning - Erin

family fiasco

Hi my mum (caroline) is going to bristol so it will just be me and my dad. WHAT! I have just found out that my riding lesson has been cancelled. WAAAAAAAAAA. I just had to post this because i am sooooo unhappy please comment to make me happy.



tickle monster

I'm back with my friend and she is still tickling me (YOU MONSTER)! I can't wait for people to comment as it will definitely lift my spirits hopefully i will be going to pizza express in dorking with my dad (Richard) and my brother  (Stephen) and his girlfriend  (georgie).well i hope you all have a great weekend.


bye Erin

i am sick

I am sitting here at home ill talking to my friend in secondry. She is very funny.and is aannoying me be tickling me feet. (Get of).so i can't go to school tommorow but i will be back on Monday with news. Unfortunately i have not got much to say so i suppose i should go.




Hi It's me Erin again,


I am going to tell you about my life with pony's. well I have my own pony Alfie he is a sweet 14.1 hands grey.cheeky I love this cool faces sadwinklaughkissenlightenedangry ok lets get back to the subject. I love my baby Alfie to bits his a very cheeky pony that has definitely boosted my confidence. I have learnt a lot by riding him. once I fell of him but he cared for me and gave me a big sloppy lick. he is my valentine as I have no cares at all for boys.


Bye for now Erin


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