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Chapter 12- What to do now?

Candice was devistated!

 She had lost her best friend all because she was scared of a ghost.

Would she go home and cry or move on with her life?

P.S sorry this chapter is extremly short! laughI need more ideas. tell me what you think I should do next on Comments!smiley 

Chapter 11- The ghost is'nt dead!

The ghost kept moving to get free from the weight of the machine. 

At last it was free. It jumped into the forklift's control box and powered it up again.

The girls looked at each other.This was a bad sign. 


Was this going to be a giant forklift chase or the end of the ghost?


"Ahh!" The ghost swiveled the forklift round and smashed it upon the girls. It had landed smash-bang on top of them. They could'nt feel the weight of it though.

Candice looked up. The forklift was just levitating in mid-air.

Candice just about managed to slide out to look behind her, and when Candice had turned around she saw a bright light". It was Nadia as an angel!

"Nadia, is that you?!" Candice asked the angel.

"Yes, yes it is. I am sorry Candice. I am sorry I have to leave you forever now." The spirit replied.


Turns out the forklift did smash to the ground. Both of the girls were hurt but Nadia was dead! Her body was stone cold.


Candice wept her way back home. Taking in the fact that Nadia was gone.


P.S Please comment to tell me what you think!

My cat- part 2

Hi there!


I might have told you already that I have a really cute cat called Titti


Well here is a picture of her:


Image result for cute cats that are black and white


Its not exactly her but it is a cat that is extremlly identical too her.

Plus she stretches in the same way.


P.s comment down below to tell me what u think of her.


On Tuesday 10th of February Year 5 went to Therfield School to have a workshop on Europe.


Then we met a teacher called Mr Cowling and he introduced our tasks


We went there because we were already learning about Europe.


We all enjoyed our time and wish that other people will go there and enjoy there time too! 



Chapter10-Ghosts don't die!

"BOO!"Exclaimed the ghost.

The girls screamed and ran for their life.

Just as they were running a forklift came smashing down to the ground with a thud!

It had landed on the ghost but it was still alive.

What were they going to do?


P.s I know this chapter is only short, sorry.

Please could you comment to tell me what you think I should include in my next chapter.


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