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Here is a list of dumb ways to die in Minecraft.....

Dig a hole straight down

Forget to get to build a iron door(Zombies could break in if u only have a wooden door!!!)

Go to the end naked with no armour

Ask the ender dragon to be u best friend

Try to swim with squids but drown

Make a hord of pigmen upset

Pull a leaver with lava or TNT under

Use lava as u brand new floor 

Shoot u self with a bow

Keep a CREEPER as a PET!!!

Sprint without looking were u going and fall into a ravine

Load up on rotten flesh 

Chill in the nether

Iritat a slime for no good reason.

Hit a wolf 

Blow u self up!!!


That's some of the dumb ways to die on Minecraft.

Go on YouTube and type : dumb ways to die in minecraft. its a really good song!!



chapter 8

I am so so sorry i am having ma friend round for a sleep over and i didnt expext her to be round for five nights.


when they arrived back at the tent everyone celabrated.

they cheered and laughed.

they had finnaly solved the mystory of the arcade.

thay all wondered what fate would lead them to and what would happen through their last 2 weeks camping.

Sorry this chapter is so short i will start another story when i think of one..



Chapter 7

"Get him!" The girl yelled.

She turned round and saw everyone staring at!

It was indeed Chloe.

Every one graped Joens and chucked him in the police car.

"Chloe your a hero!" Amber excitedly exclaimed.

Candice also said she was a hero!!!


Guys I'm gonna leave it here because I'm saving the celebration until the next chapter!!


Chapter 6

They arrived at the arcade and the man who owned the arcade had already run away.

Amber saw eagle classes prizes piled up.

"Guess we should um take our prizes back to the tent." Amber wispered.

"Good idea.Amber and Erin go and load up u prizes in the car." the police man said sternly.

" the CHASE IS ON"Candice said.

They drove of in the police car and soon they found the man .

"put your hands up you are under arest for setting the arcade on fire Joens." the police man yelled. Joens tryed to run but he was surrounded by Candice,Harvey,the police man,Erin and Amber. suddenly a girl came and jumped on Joens. 

Who is this girl? comment who u think this girl is.


There is gonna be 2 or 3 more chapters and i hope u enjoy/enjoyed this chapter.


Later today ma friend Holly is coming over for a sleep over and we will do a blog together.


hope u have a nice day!!


Chapter 5

"Amber are you okay?" Erin asked?.

"I'm fine.....Candice is right that man did set the arcaded on fire."

"Candice I'm so sorry u are right he did set the arcade on fire we have to inform the police and get him arrested."

Candice Harvey Erin and Amber drove down to the police station.

They told the police what happens and they were outraged because the arcade man had been the police officers friend he's a traitor and he is underaressed!


Guys I'm gonna leave it here so the exiting bit in the next chapter!


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