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My Last Day

Today was my last day at Leatherhead Trinity, it was really sad seeing the place where i grew up for the last time in possibly a long time... To take my mind off things i went to Fortyfoot Park with Jenny (yr 6) and Oliwia (yr 7) and Lara (yr 6) We had so much fun in the park, woods and even Costa where we bought delicious snacks.

I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped me in my educational journey through primary school and i will very much miss you 


Amelia x


hi im amelia and im nearly 11 years old 

the other week we had our induction days at our new secondary school 

they were quite fun  only went for the first day because i was ill on the second day .i enjoyed doing all the lessons and knowing what a normal day is like at therfeild .


at the weekend we had our summer fair me georgie charlotte and brooke ran a stall called pin the tail on the mermaid we managed to make quite alot of money . it was fun hanging with all my friends and teachers on a saturday .


next monday we are doing our leavers show its called the pirates of the curry bean i play a sailor called fluke .

we are also having a disco and a bbq which im  realy looking forward too and dont forget ... the traditional WATER FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


im realy going  to miss miss sanders and mrs blake and my bff tabs wish you all a good luck xx


Mood : bored sad and excited for leaving ????????????? Comment so bored don't care who it is

end of year

Next week we get BBQ and disco can't wait  !!! Gonna miiss my teachers and tabby that's going to adifernt skl xx


hi my name is Amelia

show rehearsals are a bit boring but its sorta worth it yes

my plans for the summer is relaxing meeting up wiv friends having a bday and we are going on holiday to dorset for 4 days yay !laughblushsurprise

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