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I am gonna reach my destiny! I love pokemon no matter what!

I love pokemon and will always! Since i saw the anime and the series of pokemon i have acted strange and saying weird things! All because of this very main character in the series of pokemon Ash Ketchum but this won't mean i will be talking on the blog no offence but i find it boring seriously no offence! So here's a pic of Ash Ketchum my star! By for now and see you in the future people reading this!

Universal Galaxy is in your life!

Sorry guys!

Sorry guys but I'm not gonna talk on the blog any morefrown cause I'm busy talking all the holiday going to Dev's house plus on my 3ds because he's my friend on it I can chat to him plus I went to his house yesterday! This is a picture I will post on my next post!


coolThe partaay was epic Seth! See ya in the future! Will miss everyone as well unless going to Therfield!crying

Lewis is..

smileyLewis is famous for being the first to write on the blog

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