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this will be a speak room in the comments below feel free to ask anything and people will try to answer them cool


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Setting Fire Alarms Off

This is the tragic tale of how I set the fire alarm off (by accident!) at therfield school.....


Once apon a time there was a boy called William and he HATED to tuck his shirt in. The teachers were always nagging him to tuck his shirt in and so William became VERY annoyed. When it was very near the end of year 6 William and his friends had to go to their secondary school to see what it would be like when they were in year 7. So when the induction days came William set of to school thinking everything would be fine - he was sadly mistaken. After break William's tutor group were going to have music, they went up the stairs to the classroom and were told to stand in a orderly line outside it. William joined the line, oblivious to the fact that the fire alarm was right behind him. The teacher stood in the doorway and said " I have a VERY high expectation for clothing standards next year childeren" and he looked at William seeing that his shirt was not tucked in. And William, even though he hated tucking his shirt in, bent down to tuck it in. Thats when it happened..... Williams bag got caught on the glass case that covered to fire alarm and as William stood up again it opened and when William unawarely lent against the wall, the pressure set off the fire alarm. BEE DOR BEE DOR BEE DOR!!! The teacher glared at William meanly and everyone else looked at him shockingly.blushsadindecisioncryingblushsurprise



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