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I would like to shout out Tom Milo Monte And Evan they all have brilliant accounts

Jamie Vardy

HI guys I would just like to talk to you about Football iwould like to talk about Jamie Vardy he has scored an amazing goal in 11 consecutie games which has broken Van Nistelrooys record what a fantastic man Vardy is playing for Leicester doesn't care just scores for fun


Wwe is a show which many people like the fans are called the universe. if you like Wwe then read on.I think the league of nations are the worst team to step into the ring My favourite superstar is Sting comment your's

Forest School

Starting three weeks ago .We have started to do Forest School which is fun. On the first week we did mobiles and my partner was Monte ! On the second week sadly I was absent so I couldn't attend apparently it was fun but last week we did Christmas tree ornaments which was really fun as we even got to saw and drill the logs ourselves!!!!!!smileyAll in all Forest School has been an amazing experience so far smiley



Hello my name is Tyler you must be very wise as you have clicked on this well done now read more.


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