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Funny cat 2

froggy x

Funny cat

yeah dude xxsmiley


At school we are learning about  Space, so far this topic has been amazing !

I have learnt some epic facts like: the sun is 4.2 billion years old, you can fit 1billion earths inside

The sun and it takes 1 year for the earth to orbit the sun. Tomorrow  we are going into the space dome which is basically a dome with a screen around it and it shows you facts and pictures 

about space!!smiley

Forest School

Today I done Forest School and I made a mobile. A mobile is a piece of string which has sticks, something green, something man made, something heavy and something of your own choice hanging off of it. I used a green plant, a chocolate bar rapper, a stone and a red leaf! It was great fun! Sahil kept making me laugh, we got to pick whether we wanted to be with a partner or by ourselves. I was with Faye and our mobile was awesome! At the end, we got to have a hot chocolate with a biscuit, it was YUMMY! Then Miss Harrison let us wear our Forest School clothes home! smiley It was the best day ever!!


On fireworks night , I went to Effingham firework display with my friend Maisy , we watched the fireworks and I thought they were amazing! Then we went on moonwalker which is basically a bouncy

castle but more like a dome. Me and Maisy also wanted to win a goldfish for our class , as a class pet!

We were going to buy glowsticks but they were really expensive!!!laugh


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Hello, my name is Sacha , I am 9 years old and I have a sister called Amber and a brother called Dale. my favourite animal is a horse! I go horse riding and I love tacking my horse up before I ride. My bestfriends are Maisy and Faye! My favourite colour is blue/pink!

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