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Its Easter yay !!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate is what i have been doing also YouTube and Animal Jam ! Its been so fun .I had some family friends round yesterday for a party thing .The Hornes ( my friends ) also came round the came later but stayed for a sleepover . They had to really early ( unfortanatley - is that how you spell it ? ) It was about eight O'clock they were going to see a family member and the big sister Kitty was going rowing so they had to leave even earlier because they live about 1 or 2 hours away !

I also went to Wisley with my Mum and Gran ( my sister came too ).

Anyway this is for today's Blog I am going back to school tomorrow which I am excited about .

Goodbye, from 

Marcia <3

P.S I would have put in a photo but I can't work out how indecision<3

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